Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Ford Model Fitments

Coming Soon: MSR 095 New Fitments for the New Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, and Ford Fiesta. We Will be Offering this Wheel in the New Models' offsets: 4x108mm/4.25, 5x114.3mm/4.5, and 5x108mm/4.25! Get ready to be rolling in style, New Car+New Wheels!


  1. How soon.. My hand is sitting over the "submit order" key as we speak... vendors know me by name from calling and asking "are they there yet". Thank you for hearing our crys from the 4x108 Ford family.

  2. 4 months and still no 4x108..... or was this just a tease? Im ready "to be rolling in style" but cant roll with no rims. Please update us as to what the hold up is. There are very few cars with the 4 or 5 x108 out there so when you say you will have a rim for us we are all ears and very very eager to buy.

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