What is Super Finish?
Super Finish is a high speed precision turning process which utilizes natural diamond cutting tools, which results in the shine of a highly polished part while avoiding the surface irregularities of polishing.

Are our Super Finish wheels clear coated?
No. Because they are not, you get some advantages and some disadvantages: Advantages: 1. The wheel’s superfinished parts are much brighter than a machined and clear coated part. 2. There’s no coating to yellow, chip, or craze.3. If there is a mild abrasion to the wheel, it can be polished out without dismounting the tire from the wheel. 4. Your wheels finish can be brought back to nearly its original shine and luster with a small amount of effort. Disadvantages: Non clear coated wheels oxidize and turn grayish in color if not maintained.

Why are my wheels stained when I take care of them?
All wheels, regardless of their finish, require maintenance. Acids, soaps, and road salt all play a factor in the appearance of your wheels. Sort of like your teeth and your vehicles paint job and chrome bumper. Regular and preventative maintenance is required.

This is why we offer what we feel are the best products on the market for after market wheels.

Can this polish or protectant help my chrome wheels?
Yes, you better believe it. The polish will bring back that beautiful shine on your wheels and help to protect them from the elements. For even better protection put a coat of Boss protectant to keep them protected for up to 6 months.

Will this take off pitting?
No, polish cannot fix your part, once pitting occurs. Wheel maintenance is all about preventative maintenance. You must start cleaning them and taking care of them from the first day. Protect your investment. 

Why Boss Protectant and Boss Polish? Aren’t they all the same?
No Way. We have been building wheels for over 30 years right here in the Good old U.S.of A. It took us years to find just the right mix to protect your wheels much longer than a cheap wax. As far as the polish, too aggressive you loose the shine, not aggressive enough it doesn’t do the job. Look. We don’t make car wax or window cleaners. Let someone else do that. When it comes to wheels, we know what we’re doing.